What Kind Of Men's Hats Are Good For Sale In Winter?

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As men pay more and more attention to the maintenance and appearance of their own heads, the sales of men's hats in winter have also shown an increasing trend year by year. Through the recent observations of various online stores and physical stores, some of the characteristics of this year's hot winter men's hats are summarized. Below, let's take a look at what kind of men's hats are good to sell in winter.
First of all, in terms of price, the price of hot-selling men's winter hats is mostly concentrated in the medium-low price range of 40-80. The reason why the price of this hat is best sold is determined by the general consumption power and consumption mentality of the consumer groups. Chinese men are pursuing cheap and good quality in hats and other apparel products, and at the same time have no confidence in quality assurance for products with too low prices. Naturally, low-priced products have become the preferred price range.

The class is similar to that of the women's winter hat retail. The sales of the fashion knitwear hats, which are crowned with Korean knit hats, including Korean, knit scarves, are the highest. Although it may not be a Korean version of the fake package, it is true that most of the main products in the hat store are labeled "Korean version". It can be seen that influenced by the Korean tide, the word "Korean version" is sought after and favored by the Chinese people this year.
However, compared with women's hats, the pursuit of fashion is different. Men's emphasis on practicality and the prevalence of winter outdoor sports make the Korean fashion winter hats less advantageous in sales. Men's Lei Feng hats, middle-aged plush caps, and autumn and winter outdoor headscarves have achieved good sales performance compared to the past.
So summed up, the middle and low price, the stylish and practical winter men's hat is the favorite of male consumers, and the function of the hat is more toward the trend of health and sports.
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