1939: Mr. CHEN Ji Shun, then 20 years old, founded Gao Long hat trading company in Wenling. He purchased high quality straw hats in Wenling and sold to other places.

1986: Mr. CHEN Gen Tu, the son of Mr. CHEN Ji Shun, founded Gao Long knit work factory, based on Gao Long trading company.

1993: The factory was relocated and rebuilt to increase the capacity. It was also renamed as Shun Pu artwork factory, to memorize Mr. CHEN Ji Shun.

1997: Gao Long brand was registered in China.

1998: Shun Pu Hat was founded to manage the worldwide business.

2003: Gao Long brand was registered in the US, British, France, Korea, Japan and other countries.

2008: Mr. CHEN Jun Biao, the son of Mr. CHEN Gen Tu took over the management of Shun Pu company, becoming its general manager.

2013: Gao Long brand was certified as one of the famous trademarks of China. In the same year, the industry standard which Shun Pu lead to draft was approved and become the national industry standard.

SHUNPU is a world-famous hat and bag factory. Our straw hat production occupies a major share of the global market. Besides straw hats, innovative felt hats, and cloth hats; we also produce other accessories that we sell around the world.

Shunpu is the only hat and bag factory in the world who has its own material factory.
Straw hats, felt hats, cloth hats, straw bags, baseball cap and other accessories are our main products.
Our facility occupies 80K square meters with more than 500 employees working in it.
ISO9001:2015. SA18001:2007. ISO14001:2015
Annual quantity of hats are 6,000,000 pieces.
Walmart, H&M, Zara, Tesco are our customers.
We are the constitutor of the straw hat industry standard and it was approved as the national industry standard.
Our straw hat became the intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang province.

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