How To Classify Hats?

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How to classify hats, there are more types of hats, and there are more varieties of hats.

First of all, the hat is divided according to the purpose, such as snow hat, rain hat, sun hat, safety hat, dust hat, night hat, work hat, travel hat, hat, etc.
Secondly, according to the object of use and class, there are male hats, female hats, children's hats, minority hats, couple hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats, military hats, police hats, professional hats, etc.;
According to the production materials, there are leather caps, felt hats, woolen caps, long-haired caps, cashmere caps, straw hats, bamboo buckets, etc.;
According to the class characteristics, there are berets, caps, bell caps, triangle caps, forward caps, youth caps, shawl caps, bonnets, dragon caps, Beijing caps, Shanxi caps, cotton ear caps, star anise Hats, melon caps, tiger head caps, etc. The size of the hat is indicated by the "number".

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