Computer embroidery technology for straw hat

The straw hat has many kinds of pattern design, like the printed pattern, thermal transfer printing, handmade embroidery. Today, let we talk about computer embroidery technology for straw hat.

Each embroidery machine has dozens of the print head, can embroiders many straw hats pattern once time. The efficiency is very high.


1. first, we should design embroidery patterns (including words and patterns) according to the requirements of customers.

2. scan the data into the machine, adjust the approximate starting position and adjust the thread.

3. put the straw hat in the right place.

4. turn on the switch and the machine starts working.

5. when the machine stops automatically, the embroiders finished.

Here is a video to show you the straw hat computer embroidery, please view. 

Customers who deal the orders with us can show your finished contract's information to see our 2020 new design.

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