How is the raw material of paper straw hat (Braid) made?

Most people may know paper straw hats, but few people know how they are made from one kind of hats material (braid). So how it made?

1. Cut a bucket of paper into small rolls.

2. Then put the small rolls into the machine and make it become the braid material.

3. After that, put the paper, the paper rope, the thread, and other materials together into the woven machine,  the braid was made after machine weaving and pressing.

We have many colors of braids, like pure, multicolored, with gold and silk sequins. We also can make the customized colors as you want.

Of course, paper straw hat materials are various. Raffia straw, seagrass and etc, the paper braid is just one of them which is used to make the straw hat.

If you want to know the details, please see the straw hat material braid production video. 


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