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The material of the cowboy hat is mainly made of materials that are generally used in clothing, such as silk, lace, linen, etc. The color is not black or brown in the impression, and it can be matched with the pink color of spring and summer pink color. Green, purple, and even cowboy hats with progressive dyeing are popular in spring and summer. Even in the fall and winter, cowboy hats are still popular, the material is more like velvet, whether it is with a furry piping, or a tweed suit jacket, it has a rough taste of men. The popularity of cowboy hats can be said to be brought about by the retro trend, and the special wearing method of shallow and shallow on the head. At the same time, the proportion of girls wearing cowboy hats is higher than that of boys. With dresses, punk shapes, and even woolen skirts and boots, they are all dressed up on the street.

1. The Handmade Cowboy Hat is too big or too small, it will be uncomfortable to wear, and the effect is not good;

2. The appearance of the hat should be intact, as a decoration, the color should be bright, the class should be changeable;

3. The hat seam requirements are not off-line, no stains.

4. Long face should wear a wide-brimmed or hat down the hat, wide-faced face should wear a hat or high-top hat;

5. A tall person should not wear a high cap, a dwarf is not suitable for wearing a flat top wide-brimmed hat.

Handmade Cowboy Hat

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