How Do Cowboy Hats Match Clothes?

Cowboy Hat is a magical hat. From the bustling streets of New York to the sparsely populated Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, from the farthest Indian tribe to the cover of the trendiest fashion magazine, you can find it in almost any corner of the world and see the spirit of the American West it carries. This is the cowboy hat.

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are not a "patent" for American cowboys. According to American scholars, the shape of the cowboy hat can be traced back to the hats of Mongolian herders in the 13th century. There is another saying that the Mexicans like the big hat. During the Great Western Development of the United States, people wore hats at first, and the most common type of wide-necked, top-top and slightly sunken cowboy hats were originally designed and promoted by American John Dyson in 1865. The material is mainly felt that it can block the wind and rain. So, how to match a cowboy hat to form a kind of Cowboy Hat Fashion?

1. Choose a sexy wrapped chest skirt as the main body, with a cowboy hat. The simple and clean dressing reveals the sexy prophecy inadvertently, and the square scarf on the neck reflects the professional details.

2. If contemporary elite men want to change their tastes, they will make themselves a standard tough guy, but they don't want to be too old. It is the best choice to match sunglasses, suits and straight casual pants.

3. Straw cowboy hat, seemingly wild design, in fact, the demonstration is the rate and free and easy. It can definitely be a great item for your eye-catching.

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