How To Diy A Straw Hat

Many people don't want a hat that be the same, and they all want a hat that be their own class. Today, let's learn how to make a hat that be inconspicuous into a hat of its own class.

 Before DIY, you need to prepare a monochromatic unpatterned and decorated paper monofilament straw hat, a pair of scissors, glue guns, pens, paints, etc.

 For example

1:Hawaiian class paper Straw Floppy Hat

First draw the desired pattern on the paper, then cut the pattern and stick it on the cardboard. Then apply the pattern to your favorite color and print the painted pattern on the straw hat. Then deepen the color and dry it, finial you're done.     


2:Personality hand-painted hat

First draw the pattern you want on the paper, then draw it on the hat according to the pattern on the paper. Like watermelon, flowers, etc.

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