Position of straw hat label and tag

The Straw Hat is the same as other clothes parts and fashion products, it has a label and tag. This can help customers know some parameter quickly.


So, what are the position of straw hat label and tag? Let we learn together:

1) About label position: It is located at the junction of sweatbands.

Most straw hats have 1pc label, but also have two, three. It depends on customers requirement.


2) About the tag position:

If the decoration is larger and occupies one side, the tag is opposite to the label. This will show straw hat looks beautiful after hanging.

If the decoration is just Ribbon, the tag can be placed opposite the label or in the same direction as the label.

Of course, there are also have some straw hat special. The tag position of the visor cap is usually on the left side of the hat.

It can be Customized by customers requirement.

The tag is usually made up of 2-4 cards and a plastic hook. Plastic hooks can hang caps.


If you want to know more details, please feel free contact us or send inquiry directly !


Straw Hat,

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