Shunpu Factory

SHUNPU Factory was built in the 1986 year, which relocated and rebuilt in DONGPU industry area in the 1993 year for increasing the production capacity. 

SHUNPU is a Straw Hat & Straw Bag Factory which can produce raw material - paper by itself, we can produce paper, make paper braid with a different class(customized braid accepted).

Our plant has more than 500 people. We have sample making department which will remake customers sample for controlling the bulk production. We also design our new class by this department.

For the bulk production, we use the sewing machine, our month capacity is about 600000pcs per month, now is the busiest season for summer hat & straw bag.

We have 10 to 20 thousand pieces of straw hats & bags were finished per day, which required big store capacity, SHUNPU has many storerooms for the products.

Customers who deal the orders with us can show your finished contract's information to see our 2020 new design.

We will feedback the design to you within 24 hours after checking your above information.