Shunpu Fashion Hat and Hag Live Events 2020

Although we only have one month left before the end of this 2020 year, we are still very excited to surprise you (once again) because we really want to make this year a memorable one for you.


A big event will start this Sunday and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.


Our team has planned incredible live events that you will forever remember !! As you know, we strive to provide the best natural fashion hats and bags to our clients and we continuously work to empower fashion companies in their fashion ventures.


As such, we have designed four live presentations to inform potential clients about what we do and how we operate in the fashion industry.


Our live events will be as follows:

1) Shunpu Museum- Straw culture (premiering in 3 days)

2) Shopping in Shunpu- Sample Room (premiering in 4 days)

3) Super ODM in Shunpu (premiering in 5 days )

4) Shunpu Staff fashion show (premiering in 6 days )


The countdown has started. We warmly welcome you to join us on this event so that you get to know more about our products and what to expect from us moving forward.


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Customers who deal the orders with us can show your finished contract's information to see our 2020 new design.

We will feedback the design to you within 24 hours after checking your above information.