Straw Hats


is a world famous hat factory. Our straw hat production occupies a major share of the global market. Besides straw hats, innovative felted hats and other accessories are also well sold around the world.

Large Scale Hat Factory

Our facility occupies 80K square meters, with more than 500 employee working in it. And we have 5 industrial artists who have been certified by the country. Shunpu is also the only hat factory in the world who has its own material factory.

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Production Lines

We mainly make straw hats, felted hats and other accessories. Yearly we design and develop more than 2,000 new products, covering low to high prices to meet different customer requirements. Because we produce major materials by ourselves, our products have an obvious cost advantage over our competitors.

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International Certification

We have passed these certification:

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Safe and Fast Delivery

Shunpu has 20 year experience on exporting and working with global partners, including many international brands. We fully understand the requirements of present and potential customers, manage our design and production with well established processes. In average, we can deliver customer orders in 40~60 days.

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